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Hotline Electric Fencing Products

At Hayden Fencing Supplies Ltd we stock the HOTLINE range of Electrical Fencing


The HOTLINE electric fencing range comprises over 250 products, giving you almost everything you will need for the construction of electric fences. The HOTLINE range includes; insulators, posts, electrified netting, 230/110 volt and battery energisers, testing devices, wires and tapes, and batteries.

Below is just a small sample of our electric fencing product ranges available at Hayden Fencing Supplies Ltd, for more information please call us on: 01992 893352.

Hotline Electric Fence Products

A selection of available Hotline Products

Mains Energisers
110/240v Mains Powered Energisers suitable for most applications, available in 0.4, 0.8, 1.2, and 2.4 stored joules, a cost effective mains solution for economical, trouble free fencing.
Battery Energisers - P1 Battery Powered Series
P Series energisers have been manufactured for over 40 years and very little has required changing.

The P Series range of energisers have proved to offer reliability unsurpassed within the electrice fencing market.

SHRIKE Battery Energisers
Mini power house. Powered on just 2 D-cell batteries, the Shrike will give up to six weeks services before battery charge is required. Ideal for short runs of temporary fencing.
Poultry Netting
Is your poultry attacked by predators?

HOTLINE poultry netting provides an effective deterrent from a range of preadators such as Mink & Foxes.

It is available in green for minimum visual impact and is ideal for back garden poultry enthusiasts and small holders.

Poultry nets are easy to errect and move and offer a user friendly solutions to keep your poultry safe.